Composite decking is often meant to mimic real wood, so the most popular composite decking colors are warm and natural browns. However, being the most popular overall, doesn’t mean it is what you are looking for with your project. If you are trying to decide which color to choose for your composite deck, take a look at our blog post on the topic. In the meantime, we’ll walk you through what we believe to be the best color choices for a variety of situations and settings.

Best Composite Decking Color for Sunny Backyards

Darker colors absorb more light than lighter colors which means they hold more heat energy. The more heat energy they hold, the hotter the surface becomes. So, if your deck is going to be exposed to a lot of sun, we would recommend using a light color so that the deck doesn’t become too hot to walk on for pets or when you are barefoot. 

Conversely, if your deck will be in a heavily shaded area, you may want to choose something darker to attract more sunlight.

armadillo popular composite decking colors foothills in sun

Best Composite Decking Color for Pool Areas

If you are building a deck in or around your pool area, you’ve already made a great choice in choosing composite decking over wood. Composite decking stands up better to moisture and will last much longer than a traditional wooden deck. But what color should you choose for your composite deck? 

Well, the answer is actually related to the previous section. In the pool area of your backyard, your family and guests will most likely be barefoot and bare feet do not mix well with a hot deck. To ensure that your pool-dwellers can exit the pool safely, we recommend using a light color for your deck in that area. 

armadillo popular composite decking colors campfire around pool

Best Composite Decking Color for a Woodsy, Campfire Vibe

If you have a backyard that is rich with foliage and tree-cover and want your deck to match that look and feel, we recommend using a rich and earthy brown like our Campfire Composite Decking. We didn’t just choose that name for fun; the color has dark brown and red undertones that truly embody the campfire experience and add a certain warmth to your yard.

armadillo popular composite decking colors campfire in woods

Best Composite Decking Color for an Exclusive, Luxury Vibe 

If you do a lot of entertaining and want to impress your guests with a deck that feels high-end, we recommend going with grays or gray-brown colors. Why? Gray represents sophistication and is often associated with formal events. Looking at our own colors, Smoke in our Lifestyle Collection or Coyote in our Essential Collection would be fantastic options. 

armadillo popular composite decking colors sophisticated smoke

Best Composite Decking Color for a Beachy, Vacation Vibe 

Our customers often describe what they want as a “backyard oasis.” A spot to relax and recharge. A place to get away from it all and just enjoy their home. Nothing screams oasis or relaxation quite like the beach, so if you are looking for a true “get-away” in your own backyard, we always recommend our White Sand. It definitely resembles the color of white sand beaches and when paired with other beachy colors like ocean blue, you can make your backyard really feel like a sandy shore. 

armadillo popular composite decking colors white sand oasis


Best Composite Decking Color for a Bohemian Vibe 

We’ve seen more and more people opt for a bohemian style when choosing furniture and decor for their decks. As such, we wanted to give our two cents on what composite decking colors would go best for this style. The Boho look is characterized by natural, earthy tones that are typically accented with bright, fun colors. With this in mind, any earthy browns would be great for a Boho deck. Our Bronco, Foothills and Sunset composite decking colors would all be great options. In addition, if you are planning to incorporate a lot of different colors and use things like rugs and tapestries on your deck, our White Sand may be a good option as well since it pairs well with everything and anything. 

armadillo popular composite decking colors foothills bohemian setting

Ready to shop for your perfect composite decking color?

Now that you have some color ideas in mind for your deck, it is time to start shopping! You can head over to our Where to Buy page to see where Armadillo Composite Decking is offered near you or visit our Composite Decking page to view all of our colors.