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Armadillo Decking

Armadillo Composite Decking core is made of recycled plastic and wood fibers, and is fully-wrapped on all four sides with a polyethylene coating for fade resistance and to prevent stains.
Armadillo Decking is not scratch resistant. Similar to wood decks, all capped composite decking materials are susceptible to scratching, depending upon the surface use. Unfortunately, even the best composite decking materials can end up scratched and/or damaged. We have incorporated an additive into the cap stock of each of our boards that helps to aid in scratch resistance, but ultimately they are not scratch proof.
Armadillo Decking's polyethylene coating will slow the effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, however, no material is 100% fade proof when subject to years of exposure to UV rays.
Any surface can become slippery when wet. Armadillo Decking's polyethylene coating can be slippery when wet, just like wood, so caution is advised.
Yes & No - depending on the type of rug that will be used. A woven polyester or polypropylene outdoor rug/mat is a good choice for rugs or mats because it can be easily cleaned and they are also resistant to mold and mildew. PVC mats are also a good choice for use on our Armadillo Composite Decking since they won’t scuff or scratch your decking. Avoid using outdoor rugs and mats backed with latex, vinyl or rubber as they can discolor and stain your deck overtime as a result of a chemical reaction triggered by exposure to sunlight. Also avoid any rug or mat that has metal grommets as they can cause rust stains, discoloration and scratches on your decking. Natural fiber rugs such as jute can also scratch your decking. We do recommend cleaning underneath them regularly to eliminate any chance of mold and mildew from growing. After cleaning, allow enough time for the decking to fully dry before returning any rugs or mats to the cleaned area.
No, this is not recommended and by doing so will Void your warranty coverage.
Armadillo Decking has a class C Fire Rating.
Apply a citrus-based clean product (such as Zep, Goof Off, Goo Gone, etc.) to the affected area. Use a soft sponge or rag to gently remove the buildup. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the decking surface after using any cleaning products to remove any remaining residue.
  • Armadillo Evolution Grooved: 1.89 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo Evolution Solid: 2.3 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo Lifestyle Grooved: 1.89 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo Lifestyle Solid: 2.3 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo Essential Grooved: 1.89 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo Essential Solid: 2.3 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo Fascia: 4.06 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo Riser: 2.43 lbs. per foot
  • Armadillo 2 x 4: 2.32 lbs. per foot
  • Evolution Grooved: .890" x 5.240" x 12'/16'/20'
  • Evolution Solid: .890" x 5.240" x 20'6"
  • Lifestyle Grooved: .890" x 5.240" x 12'/16'/20'
  • Lifestyle Solid: .890" x 5.240" x 20'6"
  • Essential Grooved: .890" x 5.240" x 12'/16'/20'
  • Essential Solid: .890" x 5.240" x 20'6"
  • Armadillo Fascia: .750" x 11.25" x 12'
  • Armadillo Risers: .736" x 7.180" x 12'
  • Armadillo 2x4's: 1.4" x 3.5" x 12'
Armadillo Decking is a low-maintenance composite decking. We recommend periodic cleaning. Please view our Care & Cleaning Guide.
Yes, there is a Limited Warranty on Armadillo decking. If you need to file a Warranty claim, please visit our Warranty page.

Armadillo Board End Sealer

Sealer helps prevent moisture absorption. We recommend that all board ends, including ripped/exposed Armadillo board cores, be sealed using Armadillo End Board Sealer.
Armadillo End Board Sealer is an oil based sealer.
Each can of Armadillo End Board Sealer covers approximately 200 board ends.
We recommend wearing plastic gloves while applying the End Board Sealer. If residue sealer is on the skin, wipe off while still wet. If the sealer has dried, one of these methods may help to remove the dried sealer from the skin.

Acetone: Soak the corner of a paper towel with pure acetone and gently rub the dried sealer areas on your skin.

Hair Dryer: On a low setting wave the affected areas with a hair dryer. Once the sealer is warmed up, try washing it off with warm soap and water.

Abrasive: Gently rub with a mild abrasive such as; pumice stone, kitchen sponge, fine-grit sandpaper.

No, make sure the boards are dry before applying Armadillo End Board Sealer.
Yes. Our recommendation is to lightly sand the sealed area then apply a bonding primer. Once dry, you can use any type of outdoor paint. We will not warrant the weather of any paint applied to board ends.

TurboClip Universal Hidden Deck Clip

  • 192 Count Narrow Gap Box (#89292) – Covers 100 SQ FT
  • 800 Count Narrow Gap Box (#89280) – Covers 425 SQ FT
1.87 Narrow Gap Clips per square foot
304 Grade Stainless Steel (Powder Coated Head)
  • 12 starter clips - 1 at each joist 16’ on center (Residential Application)
  • 16 starter clips - 1 at each joist 12’ on center (Commercial Application)


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