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Armadillo Composite Decking Installation Guides

Armadillo Composite Decking Installation and Care Guide 
Armadillo Composite Decking Fascia and Riser Installation Guide 
Armadillo Composite Decking Flashing and Joist Cover Installation Guide 

Designing & Building Your Composite Deck

When designing a new deck, or renovating an existing structure, plan on finishing your project with Armadillo composite decking. Use standard wood posts and joist runners when constructing the frame, then finish the project with Armadillo composite decking boards. Remember, Armadillo composite decking is only designed for use as a deck board.

Fastening Composite Decking to the Structure

Armadillo Composite Decking Fastener Reference Guide 

For grooved composite decking, we recommend TurboClip hidden deck clip fasteners. For solid composite decking, please reference the Armadillo Composite Decking Fastener Reference Guide. Pre-drill your Armadillo composite decking following the recommendation in the Armadillo Composite Decking Fastener Reference Guide. Make sure to pre-drill only the deck board and not the stringer or joist. It is important to pre-drill so that you achieve a complete clearance hole. Also, to prevent board ends from splitting. Make sure the head of the screw is at least 1″ away from the end of the board; and 1″ from the side of the board.

Cutting Tools for Composite Decking

Carbide tipped tools are recommended.

Weathering of Composite Decks

Deck areas that have different exposures to the elements, for example, under an overhang or a table would have less exposure, and therefore will show less weathering to neighboring boards.

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