A deck is more than just a deck. It is a place where you can entertain, relax, gather, and generally enjoy the outdoor space you call your own. It can be a place for bonfires, pool parties, and holiday dinners. It can be a place for spring planting, summer napping, and autumn reading. We understand all of the things a deck can be, so we know how important it is for yours to look exactly the way you envision.

And a big part of bringing that vision to life can be the deck fascia. 


What is Deck Fascia?

Deck fascia refers to the board of wood or other decking material that runs around the border of the deck. It is used to partially conceal the joists under your deck to create a polished look, elevating the overall visual appeal of your deck. It can also be used to create a stunning visual contrast if you choose to use a different color or stain for your deck fascia than your deck itself.


Do You Need to Use Deck Fascia? 

When used under a home’s roofline, fascia can provide a stable mount for your gutters and seals off attic space from weather and animals. However, deck fascia is typically only used for aesthetic purposes. It can elevate the look and feel of your deck, and your backyard space. It can make your deck appear more seamless, finished, and professional. But from a functional perspective, fascia is not essential. 


Choosing the Right Fascia for Your Deck

When it comes to choosing fascia, you should stick to the same material you are using for your deck. There are plenty of options for both wood fascia and composite decking fascia. As for color choice, we recommend either matching your deck fascia with your deck color or railing color, or using a complimentary color if you’d like to make the fascia stand out a little more. 


How Do You Install Deck Fascia Boards? 

Before you begin installation, you’ll want to measure the perimeter of your deck to determine how many boards you will need. Cut your boards so they fit perfectly around the base of the deck and attach them to the rim joists using an adhesive or fastener of your choosing. Miter the corners based on the angles you’ve established with your deck, then paint or stain the materials according to your preferences.


Armadillo Deck Fascia

At Armadillo Composite Decking, we offer fascia boards for every single one of our composite decking types and colors. Just head over to the deck products section of our website, choose from our Lifestyle or Essential options, and select the facia boards to match or contrast with your composite decking choice!