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About Armadillo Composite Decking

Your Green Alternative for Composite Decking

Armadillo is a premier name in composite decking throughout the world. We are a family-owned and operated company based out of Paynesville, MN with over 50 years of experience in the recycling and manufacturing of plastic products. In 2018, our parent company, Avon Plastics, recycled over 11 million pounds of high-density polyethylene plastics and we are one of the largest and most experienced recyclers of HDPE — these plastics include hefty-weight materials like milk jugs, detergent containers, and juice bottles that take years to decompose in a landfill. Our recycling operation takes this plastic, grinds it, sterilizes it, and treats it for further use in our composite decking materials.

Our History

Why choose Armadillo Composite Decking?


Armadillo is the ultimate choice for a low maintenance, high performance, long-lasting deck. Our composite decking is wrapped on all four sides with a protective shell to create a natural wood grain finish and protect against fading, weathering, stains, mold, and mildew.

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Made From 100% Recycled Material

Our operations take recycled scrap wood from cabinet making shops, purify it and grind it into sawdust. We combine a mixture of 50% recycled plastic and 50% recycled sawdust to form the ever-popular Armadillo Composite Decking products. These deck boards are fully wrapped in a polyethylene coating with a natural wood grain finish. This technology is warrantied against fading, weathering, stains, mold, and mildew.

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Customer Commitment

We are fully EDI capable so we can receive, invoice, and ship orders with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Be assured that we are committed to provide you with the best service, highest customer satisfaction, and finest quality products.

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Product Packaging

We distinctively taylor our product packaging for minimal landfill impact. We are always looking for innovative ways to package for better shipment and faster moving merchandise at the store level.

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Environmental Programme Award

Over the years, we have been recognized for our commitment to recycling by a wide range of organizations across America.We have also earned numerous awards for service, products, and quality. Perhaps the accomplishment we are most proud of comes from the United Nations,from which we were awarded the Environmental Programme Award. This is only given to organizations for their significant efforts to use recycled material.

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